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Target Data Status
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P007 1 sp P38197
P008 1 sp P38075
L001 1 sp P25811

L002 1 sp P03843
L003 1 sp O60200
L004 1 sp P25522

L006 1 sp P24281
L007 1 tr O14236

L008 1 sp O35046
L010 1 sp P25519
L011 1 sp O69683
L012 1 tr O06239
L013 1 sp P31216

L014 1 sp P30566
L015 1 tr O33230
L017 1 sp P05848
L019 1 tr O43824
L020 1 sp O34851
L021 1 sp P31054
L022 1 sp P27169

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