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To develop and use the technology for high-throughput structural and functional studies of proteins.
 PSI Knowledge Base 
The Protein Structure Initiative Structural Genomics Knowledgebase (PSI SGKB) is designed to turn the products of the Protein Structure Initiative effort into knowledge that is important for understanding living systems and disease. The PSI SGKB is a key resource in the advancement of biology, biochemistry, functional genomics, pharmacology, bioinformatics, education and clinical medicine.
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 Progress Statistics of Targets ( all target constructs)  for PSI1 & PSI2       Updated on Mar 3 2011

In PDB: 888 (1013)
Diffraction: 888 (1025)
Crystallized: 1277 (10091)
Purified: 5680 (19968)
Soluble: 7965 (31055)
Expressed: 9671 (37018)
Cloned: 12008 (43842)
Selected: 29596 (94792)
Fold Assignments: 3924883
Accurate Models: 509597
New Folds: 21
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